Nikki Sixx has confirmed new Mötley Crüe music is in the works.

Last week, the bassist took to Twitter to share a photo of himself, drummer Tommy Lee, and new guitarist John 5 in a songwriting session.

He captioned the post, "Another killer songwriting day."

Later, Nikki followed up his post with the news that the heavy metal band is working with producer Barry Pointer.

"We are writing," the musician revealed. "The creative process of songwriting has always been the heartbeat of our band."

He continued, "We're gonna go in the big studio next week and record a few off the floor and see where it goes.

"We don't have a definitive plan at this point. Just letting the songs guide us."

Mötley Crüe is currently co-headlining a concert tour with Def Leppard, with the next gig to take place in Sheffield, England on 22 May.