Radiohead drummer Philip Selway says the band has a "collective desire" to make new music.

The sticksman insists he and his bandmates - Thom Yorke, brothers Jonny and Colin Greenwood, and Ed O'Brien - all want to work together again in the future, "for the right reasons", but have no immediate plans while they are busy with other projects.

He told Under the Radar: "There is still that collective desire to make music again together, in one way or another.

"But at the moment, we're just finding the right context for that and the right projects. But it's not going to be within the next year, probably. But it will happen because we want to and when you want to you're doing it for the right reasons."

Phil - who released his latest solo album 'Strange Dance' in February - recently said the 'Creep' rockers will hopefully get together again within the "next couple of years".

Speaking to Prog magazine, the drummer said: "We're always talking about stuff.

"But in terms of an actual kind of collective project, beyond the 'Kid A' and 'Amnesiac' stuff that we've been doing [2021's 'Kid AMnesia' reissue project and interactive exhibition), it's kind of further down the line for us when that will happen. We're talking about that, but at the moment everybody's doing their own thing. When the pandemic happened, we'd always planned to take a vear off from Radiohead around that, so we could get on with other stuff. But that just meant that those other projects kind of grew, so we're allowing time for all of those projects to go where they need to. But yeah, we'll get together soon and in the next couple of years there will be something there, of some sort."

Radiohead haven't toured since 2018 and their last studio album was 2016's 'A Moon Shaped Pool'.