Mimi Webb knew she wanted to make music when she chose her stage name.

The 22-year-old pop star was born Amelia Anne Webb but shortened her name whilst she was studying at music college and explained that the two monikers serve two different personas but was able to combine the two as part of her 'Amelia.'

She told The Daily Star on Sunday's Wired column: "Amelia is the countryside girl from Canterbury and Mimi Webb is the pop star who travels the world and does all these things that I always dreamt of. When I was 16, I decided I wanted to change my name to Mimi Webb. That was when I really knew what I wanted to do and was in music college. To put both names together has been so fun and the album is the journey of both those people, of growing up in this crazy industry and learning a lot about myself."

The 'Before I Go' hitmaker went on to add that it is "important" for her to "stand up for herself" as a female artist and learned to do so in the early years of her career.

She said: "As a female artist, [it's important] to be able to stand up for yourself and speak your mind, vocalise how you

want to come across. I signed my deal when I was 18 and the first three years were just grafting in the studio. I learned to stand up for my- self, that's so important." And it's not just Mimi who stands up for herself: Amelia has had to really back herself up and point out how I want to come across a person.