Dove Cameron is working on her debut album.

During an interview with Alan Cumming for Interview magazine, the actress/singer promised fans she is finally getting to work on a full album after releasing two extended plays and the hit 2022 single, Boyfriend.

"My album's coming great. Right after we get off this interview, I'm headed straight back into the studio," she explained. "You get a new song that you love and then you top it the next day and then you decide that the old ones are trash. So it's just about finding enough."

Dove's album, set to be titled Celestial Body, does not yet have a release date.

And as for the reason why it's taken her so long to release the album, the star noted that her acting work has ended up being a priority - even though she has always been writing tracks in the background.

"I mean, I really only started writing regularly around the time that Boyfriend came out. And it was the first song I ever sat down to write in terms of forming a project," the 27-year-old continued. "I always wanted to do music, but I think by the time Boyfriend took off, I had kind of made peace with the fact that it was never going to really do what I hoped. So I was just kind of enjoying my time making music, with no plans for what would happen."