Australia's 2023 'Eurovision' entrant Voyager believe "prog music" has a place at the song contest.

The prog-metal band are heading to Liverpool next month to represent their country in the annual singing competition with their epic track 'Promise', and guitarist Simone Dow admits it would be a "dream" to win the show like Italian glam rockers Maneskin did in 2021 and Finnish monster metallers Lordi in 2006.

She told Total Guitar magazine: "I think prog is actually perfect for playing at Eurovision.

"The whole point of it and the whole purpose is not just the music; they really want you to demonstrate the theatrical side of it as well. It's the visuals, how it looks and how you tell that story on stage, as much as the music. Prog is usually five-minute epics where you're telling a thousand stories, so why not?"

Australia has been eligible to compete since 2015, and Voyager - also comprising Daniel Estrin, Scott Kay, Ashley Doodkorte, and Alex Canion - have been dreaming of doing the show since then.

Seeing 'Roc Hallelujah' rockers Lordi in concert inspired them to sign up.

Simone said: "We actually went to see Lordi in concert.

"It was incredible. It was a full stage show they put on with props, not just wearing the outfits. It was kind of Alice Cooper-esque. I guess that was the first time I thought, 'Wow, okay - I guess metal does perform at Eurovision!?"