Timbaland has confirmed Missy Elliott is currently working on new music.

In an interview for Variety published on Wednesday, the record producer revealed that the Get Ur Freak On rapper - who released her last full album nearly 18 years ago - may soon drop some fresh tracks.

"We've got a lot of songs we're going to start recording soon, and my dream is to have it out around her birthday in July," he divulged. "I know how Missy works: It's got to be new and fun - or maybe not so much new as underground, and everything is upbeat."

Timbaland, real name Timothy Mosley, also hinted some of Missy's new songs may have a "Latin feel".

"Some of it has kind of a Latin feel to it, almost a Bad Bunny effect, some of its kinda underground Brazilian funk. People gonna eat it up - and it might just reach a different demographic of people. It's like her doing...not Reggaeton but Missy-ton," the 51-year-old continued.

Missy has collaborated with Timbaland for years, and in December 2022, she posted on Twitter about how they originally started their partnership.

"My 1st album was stress-free because I didn't have any expectations. My label told me they would give me my own label If I did 1 album so me & @Timbaland completed this album in two weeks not knowing this would be the beginning of many more to come," she wrote at the time.

Missy, who dropped her sixth studio album The Cookbook in 2005, has not yet commented on plans to release new music.