Courtney Love posted a tribute to her late husband Kurt Cobain 29 years after his death on Thursday.

In a Thursday Instagram post, the Hole singer marked the 29th anniversary of her late husband's death. The Nirvana founder died by suicide on 5 April 1994 at the age of 27.

Sharing a photo of Kurt's hands, taken by Michael Stipe during Kurt's life, Courtney praised the "powerful photograph" for its depiction of her "twin flame", before adding, "It is one of the only images (or sounds/ tastes etc) that makes me miss him deeply."

She continued, "But he chanted with me & often, & truly was moved by our Buddhist practice. Thus, I know he’s in an enlightened place, more so, than we here in mappo are... i & we love & miss you."

Courtney and Kurt's 30-year-old daughter Frances also posted a tribute to the late singer on her Instagram Stories.

"Life is like a wave crashing upon the shore (and) death is like the wave returning back to the ocean, back to its most natural state," she wrote. "Free from pain or human worry... death serves a purpose."

Frances concluded, "It is what makes life so precious, in the same way pain is purposeful because we wouldn't know joy without it."