Niall Horan wants to make a "heavier" rock record.

The former One Direction singer is a big fan of 1970s bands such as Led Zeppelin and would love it if he could channel his influences into some new songs that would take his music in a very different direction from his signature sound.

He told the Daily Star newspaper's Wired column: "I really want to lean into that 70s rock thing.

"I really want to lean into it, some of my favourite stuff is from the 70s and it is heavier.

"So I would love to get into that because I feel like it really suits my voice when I do sing it whether that be drunk or on karaoke or something.

"But yeah, I like that kind of thing."

The 29-year-old singer joked writing his upcoming third solo album 'The Show' was harder than usual because he's so happy with girlfriend Amelia Wooley.

He said:" It's different to what I have done before, the heartbreak stuff because I am not heartbroken so I had to think of something else!"

Niall also admitted he may have taken his love of knitwear too far after being teased by fans over his cardigan collection.

He laughed: "I probably have 20-something, 20 cardigans, you can only wear one every day, well maybe 30..."

The 'Heaven' singer recently admitted it was "scary" bringing out a new album after a three-year break.

Announcing 'The Show' in a letter to fans, he wrote: "What makes this record incredibly special to me is it's a reflection of where I am in my life today, as a person, a musician, and of course, as a songwriter. Can't say I'm not a little nervous, but hopefully, you'll still like this version of me when you listen to the new record.

"There's something really scary about being away for so long and coming back with new music, but I couldn't be more thankful for all you amazing people that have stood by and supported me all of these years.

"These songs are for you, as much as they are for me."