Chlöe Bailey has addressed speculation she and Quavo began dating after Praise This.

While speaking to Cosmopolitan for an interview published on Thursday, the Praise This star recalled her on-set experience with co-star Quavo - whom fans speculated she began dating after production wrapped on the 2020 film.

“Me and my castmates wanted to represent Black people organically and not make it feel fake or corny - we wanted it to feel like us. That’s why I’m so happy Druski and Quavo were part of it, because it grounded the film. It had every type of person in Atlanta and it represented us in such a diverse way, because there’s never one type of Black person,” Chlöe said of the cast.

She added, “I love how you also get to see the diversity within the choir groups and the teams too. You had the gay group, the white boy group, the Black girls who were saving themselves for marriage.”

When asked about her love life, the singer responded, “Sadly, I have not been seeing anybody for almost a year now. Your girl has just been working on herself, and I wish I was lying.

“I tell myself, ‘God, I know what you’re doing. You’re sifting out the BS, so I can find good loving’. When you don’t know your worth and when you haven’t mastered the art of loving yourself, you question why others would love you.”

Insisting “that’s why I’m single right now,” the 24-year-old shared she needed to “grasp the concept” that “I can’t expect someone to love me wholeheartedly when I’m not there yet within myself.”