Lewis Capaldi fears he may have to quit music.

The 26-year-old singer/songwriter admitted there is a "very real possibility" he will have to step back from his career as a pop star if his Tourette's syndrome gets worse.

He told The Times newspaper: "It's only making music that does this to me, otherwise I can be fine for months at a time, so it's a weird situation.

"Right now, the trade-off is worth it, but if it gets to a point where I'm doing irreparable damage to myself, I'll quit.

"I hate hyperbole but it is a very real possibility that I will have to pack music in."

Lewis has previously spoken about how performing makes the tics, which are caused by his Tourette's syndrome, even worse.

According to footage from his upcoming Netflix documentary 'How I'm Feeling Now', which was obtained by the Daily Star newspaper, Lewis said: "The twitches became out of control it was awful, absolutely horrific. I started to get in my head about it, you know these pressures about things. Rather than just me singing my silly little songs other people are depending on me.'

"My twitch gets worse when I sit down to play piano, physically painful. And I get really short of breath and it's like my back f****** kills me when I go to do it.

"It feels like I'm going insane. Completely disconnected from reality.

"I can't breathe. I get dizzy. I'm sweating, my whole body starts convulsing. Either I feel like I'm going to be stuck with it forever or I'm going to die."