Ellie Goulding views her new album as her "least personal" work to date.

The Lights hitmaker is set to release her fifth studio album Higher Than Heaven on 7 April.

Reflecting on the process of making the record during an interview for Rolling Stone, Ellie explained that she wanted to make a project that was completely different to 2020's Brightest Blue.

"In the best possible way, this album wasn't taken from personal experiences, and it was such a relief and really refreshing to not be sitting in the studio going through all the things that happened to me and affected me. Because I feel things very deeply. I always have," she said. "It's the least personal album, but I think it's the best album because I got to just explore other things about myself. I just really, really enjoy writing, really enjoy being a singer."

Ellie has already released several singles from the album, including Easy Lover and Let It Die.

But as for the song that she will always relate to, the British star named 2012's Anything Could Happen

"It's just the feeling I get every time I perform it," she shared. "When I listen back to it, I don't know how I did that song. I couldn't tell you what I was feeling, what I was going through. And so there are some songs in retrospect that I listen to now that I sort of admire the person that I was when I wrote it because no, I think I can never write a song like that again. And I think it defines me the best. I don't know why. It just does."