Samantha Fox tells Jackie Brambles why she wouldn’t encourage young girls today to follow in her footsteps.

Eighties icon Samantha Fox joined Jackie Brambles on her show tonight to have a chat celebrating her forty years in showbusiness. As she reminisced about her early modelling days, she confessed that if she had a daughter of 16 – the same age Samantha was when she made her debut on Page Three – she wouldn’t be encouraging her to follow in her footsteps:

Samantha said: ‘I wouldn’t encourage it these days – there’s no Page Three anymore and now I think all the reality stars are like the new glamour girls. There’s so much pressure on young girls now to look a certain way and if I did have a young daughter, I probably wouldn’t let her look on social media until she was a certain age.

I know young girls of 14 and 15 and they want to get Botox, big lips… I mean they are so young and I’d be a bit scared for my daughter to go out in that world at the moment because there is so much pressure on the way you should look.

The way I believe people should look is to grow old gracefully, but that’s my feelings about it and everyone’s got their choice, but I think young girls start so early and it’s just such a shame. And girls are looking very, very similar and back in the day it was all about individuality, about being that girl next door and being approachable. I was the girl next door, I was approachable, and I think it’s really, really changed and I’d be a bit scared for my kids to go into that business now I really would.’