Sheryl Crow has called on lawmakers to take action over gun reform following a tragic shooting in Nashville, Tennessee.

On Monday, local police officials confirmed three students and three adults had been killed by a shooter at the Covenant School. The suspect, identified as a 28-year-old woman, was shot by officers.

In response, Sheryl took to Twitter to pay her respects to the victims and their families.

"No words... The Covenant School. Our children deserve better. Praying for all affected," she wrote.

Later, Sheryl also responded directly to a tweet posted by Senator Marsha Blackburn in which the politician claimed members of her officer were "ready to assist".

"If you are ready to assist, please pass sensible gun laws so that the children of Tennessee and America at large might attend school without risk of being gunned down," the musician added.

In addition, Roseanne Cash was quick to reply to Marsha's message.

"Don't even. You vote against every common sense gun control bill that comes across your desk, you've taken over $1 million from the NRA (National Rifle Association) and you rank 14th in all Congress for NRA contributions. Spare us the hand-wringing," she posted.

Elsewhere, other Nashville-based celebrities expressed their shock and sadness over the shooting.

"There are no words, just rage and heartbreak for these children and their families. i can't even fathom what is this doing to the psyches of every child and parent in this country. absolute terror every time a child goes to a place that should be safe," wrote LeAnn Rimes, while Maren Morris simply posted the words "oh my god" on her Instagram Stories.