Girls Aloud are set to release new music within the next two months, bandmate Kimberley Walsh confirmed.

Walsh confirmed the news with just two months to go until their first album, Sound Of The Underground, turns 20.

To mark the occasion, she told Daily Mail: 'We've got some fun alternative versions of songs lying around and little re-releases just to kind of mark that because, you know, it's a big deal.’

'20 years is a long time and the love that we still feel for Sound Of The Underground and some of the songs from the first album are still huge.’

'So it still feels like something to celebrate, but in a kind of sort of discreet way, I guess.'

However, the Bradford singer ruled out any brand new tracks: 'We're not really doing anything together as a group for obvious reasons.’

'I think there's already been one re-release of Sound Of The Underground with different girls singing different lyrics, which is quite fun.

'I mean, if you're a fan, it's fun. I'm not sure how much fun it is if you're not really into Girls Aloud. But yeah, just things like that.'”

Fans have since took to social media to share their excitement.

Last year Cheryl, Nadine Kimberley and Nicola released a vinyl of ‘Sound Of The Underground’ with a previously unreleased re-arrangement of the track, with all proceeds going towards the Sarah Harding Breast Cancer Appeal in memory of their late bandmate.