A1 star Ben Adams once got papped having lunch with Brazilian soccer legend Ronaldinho - but had no idea who he was.

The 41-year-old pop star is not a football fan and had no idea he was chatting with the 43-year-old sporting legend, who is one of the greatest players of all time.

He told Heat magazine: "I went out for dinner, and I knew there was a football team [in the restaurant], but I don't really follow football. I was chatting to this guy, who I thought was French for the whole dinner. We were walking out of the restaurant and all the paparazzi were going mad. I was like, 'Who the f*** have I just had dinner with?'

"I was like, 'I should probably Google who that was.' It was [Brazilian football legend] Ronaldinho.

These days, Ben is not only known as a member of boy band A1 but for representing Norway in the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 along with Gaute Ormasen as a part of pop band Subwoolfer.

The 'Caught in the Middle' hitmaker recently revealed A1 turned down 'Eurovision' many times in the past.

He told The Sun: "Before it was like the kiss of death. They've asked A1 many times if we'd be interested in doing it and we've said 'absolutely not'.

"We would maybe consider it if we were straight into the Eurovision platform. We wouldn't do it if we had to do the preliminary rounds.

"We did do it years and years ago in Norway. We submitted a song and came second back then, and that was fine, but having already been there and been on the big show, I don't want to compete in the rounds before. There's no point in going backwards."