Nova Twins refuse to reveal the secrets of their unique sound.

The acclaimed alternative duo - comprising Amy Love and Georgia South - have conjured up their own personal fusion of rock, punk, and hip-hop and they don't want to let on too soon about what instruments and processes they have to achieve their sound after a rival band tried to copy them by taking a picture of their gear.

Georgia is a huge Tom Morello fan but wouldn't want to sound exactly the same as her idol.

Speaking to the latest issue of Guitar World magazine, Georgia said: "Tom Morello revealed his secrets a lot later in his career.

"Maybe when we're his age we'll do it. If people come around and have dinner at your Nan's, you don't ask for the recipe! I haven't looked up how Tom Morello gets his sound. I don't want to know the magic. You have to find your own route because there's already a Tom Morello. When somebody idolises someone too much, you end up being like them, but you'll never be as good as them."

Meanwhile, Amy spoke out after the pair - whose second album 'Supernova' was nominated for the 2022 Mercury Prize - were compared to Skunk Anansie's frontwoman Skin and admitted it feels like a lazy comparison just because they are Black women.

She said: "They're incredible live, and we've played with them, but as two bands we're completely different. The only association is obviously we're Black women."