To celebrate her 70th birthday, Trevor speak to the inimitable Chaka Khan all about her extensive career. The pair talk about her career, the music that has inspired her, the moments that have defined her and her life through music. Chaka Khan is a singer, songwriter, actor, author, philanthropist whose career has spanned more than five decades.

She is a ten-time Grammy award winning artist who has released over 22 albums throughout her legendary career. Chaka has not only collaborated with some of the most high-profile singers around, but has influenced generations of recording artists.

Chaka talking about a new West End show about her life:
Trevor But there is something incredible. I just found out. It's going to be happening in the UK. Apparently, you can tell me if I'm right or wrong, I don't know. I've heard coming to London is going to be a West End stage [show] of your life called I'm Every Woman.
Chaka -It's true. That's true. It's in the works right now.
Trevor -Wow.
Chaka -Yeah. Preliminary works right now.
Trevor -Yeah. Are you advising on that?
Chaka -Yes, I am. It's gonna be about my life. I better be advising.
Trevor -What's it all? Will we get everything?
Chaka -About? Well, you know, I won't be in it, of course, but I'll be working closely. Along with, my daughter is going to be playing myself.
Trevor -Oh my gosh, really?
Chaka -Indira, she's great.
Trevor -Did she sing like mommy?
Chaka -She sings like herself, but... she's a great singer, great artist, and she looks just like she's mini me. She looks just like me.
Trevor -With the hair going on?
Chaka - Well, she’s got the hair going on. She's got her own look of course... she does have her own look. She's a beautiful girl. And she's a great artist. I can't wait for you guys to see. I will send you a link to some of our music.
Trevor -Yeah, please. When the stage show does premiere in London. I expect you to be at the premiere
Chaka - Most definitely will
Trevor -I've really enjoyed seeing that kind of musical in the West End because people have realised that documenting someone's career and having joyous music walking out with such a good feeling, regardless of the story whether it's happy, or you know, I mean, I saw the Tina Turner one, and I was blown away and I'd love to be at the premiere when you're there and get the same. I think people are gonna get mad for this.
Chaka - I hope so. I've had an interesting life if nothing else.
Trevor -This is the thing and people don't know all about your life. And I think that that's a way of kinda telling the story with brilliant music around it, which is great way, you know, you can write a book but stage shows’ better.
Chaka - I agree

Chaka on the Hall of Fame and making and selling her own artwork:
Trevor - What is Chaka doing now? Well, I've heard a rumour Chaka that
you're doing something with the Hall of Fame. What exactly are you doing in June? It's happening in June.
Chaka - I don't know anything in June.
Trevor -You're donating some outfits.
Chaka - That's going to be this month, but in June, they'll probably be on display. That may be what it is. Yeah, I'm going to be inducted in the Hall of Fame. I'm going to be. That was a slip!
Trevor - Did you just drop something on me?
Chaka -Yeah, but you have to listen back. I can't say it twice!
Trevor - Okay! but we're gonna see some outfits. Right?
Chaka - Yes! On Display. When I first started out, I did the Indian gear and stuff like that. We won't be seeing any of that. The thing is that I was never much of a flamboyant dresser, I don't feel when I look at other artists. What do you think?
Trevor -Yeah, you never did sequins?
Chaka -No, I wasn't that much. I was a jeans girl. I preferred blue jeans or black pants and some topper.
Trevor -You were a hippie chick. Yeah, I looked at you and I thought ‘hippie chick’.
Chaka -That's me. That's exactly me. I'm a hippie, right. So you'll see some of my nice hippie garb. That will be on display. A couple of nice pieces, a couple of choice pieces. And some artwork of mine. Me exhibiting some artwork as well.
Trevor -When you say artwork, you mean album cover artwork or your own artwork?
Chaka -Yeah. My own artwork.
Trevor - Tell me some more, I didn’t know.
Chaka -Yeah I do a little art on the side.
Trevor - You sell?
Chaka -Well, I haven't been selling it now, but I'm gonna start, yeah.
Trevor -Please, please, please let me see something. I would love to see something
Chaka -I will definitely make sure you do.
Trevor -When did you start painting?
Chaka -Well, it's actually, I work with Indian ink. And I do intricate designs and stuff. It's a different kind of, art is so multi-faceted. You can't put it in one bucket, of course. So I do my kind of art and I do it with Indian ink and that's my favourite.
Trevor -Anywhere, we can see this? Is there any way we can see this?
Chaka -Yeah, you can go online you can purchase it even.
Trevor -You know, people will be rushing off right now and ignoring the rest of the of the interview... Well, that's something I didn't know.