Niall Horan joined Sam Thompson on his Hits Radio show this evening for an hour long special in which the boys bonded over their respective bromances with Lewis Capaldi and Niall revealed he can’t watch himself on The Voice US.

Niall on his new role as a judge on The Voice US: ‘It’s strange coming from The X Factor days to now and being on the other side of things. I’m basically seeing multiple different versions of myself on the show in front of me. Seeing these really young 16, 17-year-olds reminds me of me when I was there and I’m struggling to make those hard decisions. It’s tough because I know how I would have felt if I hadn’t have got through at the time. It’s not as easy as it looks! The show only just came out and apparently it went down well. We can’t watch it in the UK at the moment so I’m staying away. I don’t really want to watch it - it could be a disaster!’

Niall on first meeting Lewis Capaldi in 2018: ‘Basically he had these two acoustic things he’d done when he first came out - Lost On You and Bruises. They were on Vevo and my cousin showed me; he was like ‘Have you seen this new Scottish lad? He’s unbelievable!’ and I was like ‘This fella is insane.’ He hadn’t even done a full release I don’t think, it was just a Vevo up and coming artist thing.

I was playing shows in Glasgow on my tour and I just text him saying if you’re about do you fancy coming up and playing a few tunes before I go on? Then the day before the gig was St Patricks Day and Ireland were playing England in the Six Nations and we met up went to a pub in Glasgow and had a Guinness or two and that was it, it was game on and look at him now! You’re welcome Capaldi, you’re welcome.’

Niall on his best memories from the One Direction days: ‘The big awards nights were always amazing... but the stadiums, standing at Wembley Stadium looking out could never get boring.’

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