Paris Hilton was upset when Pink poked fun at her sex tape in the music video for her 2006 song Stupid Girls.

In her new autobiography, Paris: The Memoir, the hotel heiress claimed she was coerced into making the infamous sex tape in the early 2000s and recalled how she was shamed and ridiculed after it was later released against her will.

Addressing the impact of the tape on her reputation, the 42-year-old revealed how she felt hurt by Pink poking fun at the tape in her music video a few years later.

"When everyone was buzzing about a sex tape of a certain teenage girl from a soon-to-be-hit TV show (The Simple Life) - a girl who said emphatically over and over that she did not want the tape out there - the takeaway was Stupid Girl," she wrote in the memoir. "The whole video is a not-at-all-subtle send-up of 'porno paparazzi girls' in general and, specifically, me, in a parody of my infamous sex tape."

The socialite clarified that she doesn't see a feud between her and Pink, who she described as "generous, evolved, and progressive" and a "great mom". However, she felt sad that the star "sang about 'outcasts and girls with ambition'" and chose "not to see it in me".

Elsewhere in the memoir, Paris revealed she actually watched the 2004 South Park episode, titled Stupid Spoiled W**re Video Playset, which parodies her and the sex tape, even though she originally pretended she didn't.

"I'm the title character, but they also apply that epithet to Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Tara Reid, and all the little girls who were fans, which upset me more than anything ugly they could say about me," she shared. "It also upset me that the episode graphically portrays (her dog) Tinkerbell being shot and killed. The thought of that made me sick. I've been involved in some pretty edgy media, but I don't even know where something like that comes from."