Former Super Furry Animals members' new outfit, Das Koolies, have released their debut EP 'The Condemned'.

The Welsh group - comprising Huw Bunford, Cian Ciarán, Dafydd Ieuan and Guto Pryce - have kicked off a new era with their new brand of electronica.

The collection includes the standout single 'You Killed My Robot', which tells "stories of technology lost to human folly. Lamenting and paying tribute to the easily-sacrificed drones that went deep into the destroyed reactors of the doomed Fukushima nuclear plant."

The four-piece said: "From the bridge we can see our course corrected and deep seas of sound lie before us. Liberated, equipped, prepared and full sail."

Das Koolies first emerged with the single 'It's All About The Dolphins' in 2020.

A press release notes that the group's "genesis lies in the nineties, half-a-decade between chapters and subject of rumour ever since."

Super Furry Animals are the band that gave the world audio of Sir Paul McCartney chomping on celery and carrot.

The rock band teamed up with the Beatles legend on their 2001 track ‘Receptacle For The Respectable’, which was featured on the 20th-anniversary re-issue of their album 'Rings Around The World' in 2021.

Gruff and co bumped into the 80-year-old music icon at the NME Awards in 2000, where he accepted the bizarre request to play "carrot and celery" percussion on the song.

And fans can get their ears around the full 60-second crunching cameo by Macca, which is ideal for ASMR lovers, on YouTube.

Keyboard player Cian commented: "He was going to come to the studio and then decided not to for some reason. So, we sent him stereo backing tracks so he could keep time, then he sent the tape back with a message that started with a really dodgy Welsh accent. Then he goes 'I hope you like it' – the next thing you know you just hear this chewing sound!"

Stream 'The Condemned' on all major streaming platforms.

The track-listing for 'The Condemned' is:

1. 'The Condemned'

2. 'Dim Byd Mawr'

3. 'You Killed My Robot'

4. 'Grab a Slice'