Lizzo helped a couple get engaged at her Glasgow show.

The 'Special' hitmaker sold-out the city's OVO Hydro arena on Wednesday night (08.03.23), and was more than happy to halt her show to help her fans get engaged.

The Grammy winner spotted a gig-goer holding their phone up with the following message on the screen: "Ask my brother's boyfriend to marry him."

Lizzo then put the microphone in front of the man and he said: "Will you marry me?"

Amid cheers from the crowd, he added: "For the love of god, just say yes."

Prompting the 'Truth Hurts' singer to ask: "What do you say?"

The boyfriend responded: "Yes."

And Lizzo screamed: "Can we get a f****** yes."

The likes of Adele and Harry Styles have also helped fans with proposals at their concerts.

A few weeks ago, Harry paused a show in Melbourne, Australia to help a man propose to his girlfriend.

The former One Direction star played at the city's Marvel Stadium in February, but halted the show after he spotted Stevan Filiposki and Connie Morrison holding up a sign which read: "Make my boyf propose (sic)."

Harry then said: "I feel like I need to ask Stevan how he feels about this. How do you feel, Stevan?" before turning to his crew and asking: "Do we have a microphone for Stevan?

After being handed the microphone, Steven then said: "I just want to say how good Harry Styles is ... he's a lovely, lovely man but there's somebody I love more."

He then turned to his girlfriend and asked: "Will you marry me?", before popping an engagement ring on her finger and giving her a kiss. Harry then dedicated his song 'Cinema' to the happy couple.

The pair later appeared on the Australian TV show 'Sunrise' to talk about the happy moment, with Connie admitting she didn't think the singer would spot their sign.

She explained: "I thought he would bypass it. It was so small compared to the signs around it."

Stevan went on to say: "He's [Harry is] such an entertainer and when he walked past me he gave me a wink and a nod and said: 'Are you serious? You want to go ahead?' and I said, 'Yes'. It was definitely in the moment."

Connie then added: "It was a beautiful moment, I was always like [to Stevan], 'Don't propose to me in public,' but now I wouldn't have it any other way."