Indie veterans The Pigeon Detectives are back with their first new music in seven years.

The 'I'm Not Sorry' hitmakers have released the new single, 'Lovers Come And Lovers Go, which was produced by Rich Turvey, known for his work with The Coral and Blossoms.

The new track is the first since their 2016 LP 'Broken Glances'.

The Matt Bowman-fronted group - who formed in 2004 - said in a statement: "This song encapsulates the raw energy and catchiness The Pigeon Detectives have built our reputation on, whilst evolving our sound to reflect where we are as people at this stage in our lives. It's a celebration of everything the band were, are and hope to be in the future. Above all it's a total banger that is guaranteed to get many a festival crowd bouncing like they've never bounced before!"

Fans can expect plenty more from the Detectives in 2023.

The band kicking off their new era comes after they marked the 10th anniversary of their platinum-selling debut album 'Wait For Me' in 2017, and 15 years of 'Emergency' earlier this year.

The group's previous LP was dedicated to their loyal fans.

Speaking about 'Broken Glances', Matt said at the time: “On this album we felt we owed it to [our fans] to deliver something real that documents the journey we’ve all been on together. If you listen hard enough and take some time over the record, you’ll realise it’s an ode to everyone that’s ever bought an album or turned up to a show.”

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