Buzzcocks and Lambrini Girls are the latest additions to Iggy Pop’s Dog Day Afternoon all-dayer.

The punk legend has rallied together the biggest names in punk for the extravaganza at Crystal Palace Park on July 1.

As well as headliner Iggy - the 'Godfather of Punk' himself - Blondie and supergroup Generation Sex, featuring Billy Idol and Tony James from Generation X as well as the Sex Pistols’ Steve Jones and Paul Cook, were already confirmed.

Speaking during a Q+A held at London's legendary 100 Club on Tuesday night (07.03.23), Tony said of the supergroup's formation: "It started when we were recording the single 'Dancing With Myself' from our third album [1981's 'Kiss Me Deadly']. We asked Steve Jones to come and 'Give it some b******s', as he would say, on the choruses. He came down to the studio and ended up playing on four or five of tracks on that on that record. It was just so great playing with him in the studio... And Paul was there as well. We kind of thought 'Wow, this could be really good. Maybe we should do something or five of us.' We were gonna have two drummers, Terry [Chimes] and Paul Cook, all playing together, because we rehearsed a bit in the studio. It seemed like a brilliant idea at the time but it wasn't the right time. So it's something we'd always considered."

He added: "Cut to 2018 ... Billy called me up and we went to see U2 together. Something that Americans do brilliantly is the VIP area ... they walked us through and I suddenly found myself flanked either side by Sean Penn and Brad Pitt. Then I saw this smiling face and it was Steve Jones. He said 'We ought to do something together,' I agreed and looked at Billy, looked back and Steve had vanished! Six months later, we played shows in Los Angeles to see how it would work and it was such a joyous moment to play together. We thought 'We must do more of this' - and here we are!"

Blondie bandleader Debbie Harry said when the event was first announced in November: “Blondie and Iggy Pop … we are excited to reunite with our friend, the one and only Prince of Punk, Iggy, for this special show in Crystal Palace Park next summer. Once more, with feeling!”

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