Jake Bugg joined Bush & Richie on the Absolute Radio Hometime Show where he admitted he’d never seen the hit BBC show Happy Valley in which his song ‘Trouble Town’ is the opening theme.

Bush: Let's talk about Happy Valley, Obviously, your song Trouble Town is synonymous with the show now, the hit TV show. Do you have to think long and hard before you allow a TV show to use one of your songs?

Jake Bugg: Yeah, you want it to be a thing that reflects well on the music and it has to kind of have some connection and- but people tell me that it works and it's hard, I think the writer, because you're always thinking like it always seems detached no matter how well it works. But I've heard the show is great. I've not seen it.

Bush: Have you not seen it?

Jake Bugg: No, I've not seen it, but I've heard It's brilliant. And I should, to be honest. Now, if the song's on it.

Bush: Oh, go on then I'll watch it. It's good to have, you know, I guess your music opened up to an entire audience that maybe might not have given you a try before.

Jake Bugg: No, absolutely. And, you know, I've had a couple of people come up to me and say that's how they found my music as well.

Bush: Wow.

Jake Bugg: So it's great, you know, for your music to be, as you say, introduced to a whole different group of people.

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