Pink has promised that there will be exciting stunts on her summer tour.

The 'Trustfall' hitmaker was involved in a serious accident back in July 2010 when she was pulled into the air and slammed into a safety barrier when an aerial acrobatic stunt went wrong during a concert at the Easy Credit Stadion in Nuremberg, Germany.

However, Pink has vowed to continue with her bold stunts on her 'Summer Carnival' tour this year, even though she is now in her 40s.

Speaking to Music Week, Pink, 43, said: "The insurance company's like, 'You're getting older, and I'm like, ‘Yeah, well, you're cutting the cheque - look I can still do a full split!’"

The singer's commitment to put on the biggest and best show she can comes from her desire to give her fans their money's worth, as Pink hates it when she goes to watch an artist perform and they are just phoning it in.

She added: "You can tell when you go to a show and the artist cares, and you can tell when they don't. I've been to those shows when they don't and it's offensive- it's offensive to me that you would take somebody's money.

"Don't just take people's money then go up there with your hand is in your pocket sitting on an amp singing a song that I loved as a child. Don’t ruin my life, f*** you. That's how I feel about it. And I've been to those shows, and I hate them. I won't listen to their songs anymore."