Jimin's debut solo album 'Face' features contributions from his BTS bandmate RM.

The latter is credited on the tracks ‘Face Off’ and ‘Like Crazy’, as well as the English version of 'Like Crazy'.

A press release stated that the album is the “story of fronting [Jimin’s] true self and making a new leap forward as an artist.

“Through ‘Face’, Jimin will present his own musicality with distinct timbre and impeccable dance performance.”

The six-track collection's track-list also featured some notes, including: “Face, the reflection of myself in an unfamiliar appearance."

Another read: “Face of facing the deepest part of inner-self.”

The record is due for release on March 24.

Jimin's latest track was 'Vibe' with Taeyang of Big Bang.

Last year, the 27-year-old star was in the studio with Ariana Grande's producer working on the project.

He dropped hints here and there about his upcoming solo music, including working with studio wizard TBHits - whose real name is Thomas Brown - and BTS collaborators Pdogg and GHSTLOOP in Los Angeles.

Jimin has already had a number of solo hits in his native South Korea, including 2016's 'Lie', 2017's 'Serendipity' and 2020's 'Filter'.

And recently, he was featured on the soundtrack to the South Korean TV drama 'Our Blues', teaming up with Ha Sung-woon on the duet 'With You'.

The track-listing for 'Face' is:

1. 'Face-off'

2. 'Interlude: Dive'

3. 'Like Crazy'

4. 'Alone'

5. 'Set Me Free Pt. 2'

6. 'Like Crazy' English version