Paul McCartney and the Rolling Stones are reportedly working together on a new album.

According to sources for Variety, the former Beatles star has recorded bass parts for a forthcoming Rolling Stones project helmed by Grammy-winning producer Andrew Watt.

Meanwhile, McCartney's former bandmate Ringo Starr has also reportedly been tapped to play on the upcoming album.

Sources shared that McCartney's recording sessions for the album took place in Los Angeles in "recent weeks", with production on the project nearing its mixing phase.

It is unclear if McCartney and Starr will appear on the same song, or if the tracks they worked on will make the final cut of the record.

Members of the Rolling Stones have previously teased that they are working on a new album. Frontman Mick Jagger told the Los Angeles Times in 2021 that the group had "a lot of tracks done", while guitarist Keith Richards assured fans in a New Year's Instagram post last month that "there's some new music on its way".

However, the band has not revealed the album's name or announced a release date.

The Beatles and the Rolling Stones first met 60 years ago. The Rolling Stones released I Wanna Be Your Man, written by John Lennon and McCartney, in 1963, and later asked the pair to sing backing vocals on their 1967 single We Love You.

The two bands also saluted each other on the covers of their 1967 albums, Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band and Their Satanic Majesties Request.