50 Cent will make new music when the time is right.

The rapper/entrepreneur, real name Curtis Jackson, dropped his last studio album, Animal Ambition, back in 2014.

During a recent interview for Billboard, 50 was asked whether he "misses" being in the recording studio, and he admitted that he would get writing again if he had an idea that aligned with his media projects.

"I get the attention that I want from music when I want it. I just went out and toured 45 countries, and everywhere was sold out," he said. "That made me want to offer new music that I could integrate into everything now. I've done what I wanted to do in the (sales) capacity. I've sold over 35 million records. Not singles - albums."

Earlier this year, 50 confirmed he is developing a TV series inspired by Eminem's 2002 film 8 Mile.

Referencing his friendship with the Slim Shady star, the In da Club hitmaker praised his "humble nature".

"Em's not going to say the s**t the way I say it because it just is what it is. There's his humble nature - he'd call me and ask to do him a favour and rap with him on a song. Like, 'You know I'm on your label, right? Yeah, whatever you need me to do,'" the 47-year-old continued. "He would always ask me, 'Could you do me a favour? I always thought it would be dope if we did this together.' I'm like, 'All right.'"