Niall Horan joined the Hits Radio Breakfast Team this morning to have a chat about his latest single Heaven. Fleur East, James and Matt took the opportunity to ask the One Direction star all the big questions including how he feels about Lewis Capaldi’s new bromance with Harry Styles, his skincare routine and how often do you wash your bathmats...

Niall on getting a shout out at the BRITs from Harry: ‘It was really cool, really cool, to get the mention. We’ve been up on that stage together winning awards before and now it’s Harold’s turn on his own, so I appreciate the thanks.’

And talking about his bandmate it didn’t go unnoticed that at the BRITs Harry got very up close and personal with Lewis Capaldi. Having already branded the Scottish singer ‘a cheat’ has Niall recovered from his heartbreak? ‘We’re working through it, it’s been a tough few days,’ Niall confessed, ‘but I’m sure there’s a song in it so I’m going to stay quiet and come out with a big ballad.’

Fleur’s co-host James Barr asked about any One Direction reunion, comparing the wait to the Doomsday Clock and how close 1D fans are to the announcement they’ve all been waiting for: ‘You’re going to have to get the scientists on it I think, I couldn’t tell you,’ said Niall. ‘I don’t have any other answer – I’ve been giving the same answer for about five years!’

Niall on his new role as a TikTok ‘skinfluencer’: ‘I get the most random requests from my fans and apparently on camera I’ve got good skin, they haven’t seen me up close in a while! My hair and make-up person started using these freezing cold balls, you put them in ice and you then rub it on your eyes. If you’re listening to this with no context this is filth...’

And having gone viral last month after revealing on air to Stacey Solomon that he only washed his bedsheets once a month, James made another less than hygienic confession by admitting that his bathmats haven’t been washed for over a month now – much to Niall’s disgust: ‘God knows what’s in there. I wash them once a week but I’m glad we ended [the interview] on a great note!’

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