Hayley Williams has revealed Paramore weren't interested in rehashing their old sound on their new album This Is Why.

The Misery Business singer explained to Billboard that she and her bandmates Zac Farro and Taylor York felt bored when they created songs for the new album that sounded too much like tracks from their 2007 smash hit record Riot! and its 2009 follow-up Brand New Eyes.

Insisting "we don't want to be a nostalgia band", Hayley explained, "When you listen to Riot!, and even getting into Brand New Eyes, you get a flavour. And it's really what we became known for, right? But when we write things that simply feel like that, we're so bored. And it's not challenging enough. And we don't feel like we've grown."

While Paramore are satisfied with their musical evolution on This Is Why, which was released on Friday, Hayley admitted that she felt anxious during recording sessions because she wondered what the fans were expecting from them.

"You know that you're doing the thing that you feel is right because you're just kind of following your passion or your instinct, but you also never know what's going to hit and land the right way," she continued. "We're lucky that we've never relied on being a specific type of success, whether that be chart success or radio success. Because at the end of the day, there's a connection and a relationship with the people that have grown up supporting and loving the band with us. So we trust that."