Arlo Parks has penned "a fair few songs" about girlfriend Ashnikko on her new album.

The 'Cola' singer and her rapper-and-singer partner - who she has been dating for just over a year - keep much of their romance private, but fans will get more of an insight into their relationship on some tracks on 'My Soft Machine', which is out on May 26.

Speaking to Rolling Stone magazine, Arlo said: "We've spoken about how much we want to share.

"I feel like what keeps it so sacred and lovely is that it is just between us. But there are a fair few songs about her on the record."

Elsewhere, Arlo admitted she went into "hibernation mode" after cancelling her shows due to mental exhaustion.

Last September, the 22-year-old singer axed her US run after suffering from “debilitating” burnout.

She wrote at the time: “I’ve been on the road on and off for the last 18 months, filling every spare second in between and working myself to the bone.

“The people around me started to get worried but I was anxious to deliver and afraid to disappoint my fans and myself. I pushed myself unhealthily, further and harder than I should’ve.”

She added: “I don’t take decisions like this lightly but I am broken and I really need to step out, go home and take care of myself."

Arlo told the publication: "I think there was a point where I felt that I had given so much to the work that there wasn't that much left over for me as a person.

"Your body and your heart tells you that there's a need for balance, and that you've been kind of going too far in one direction.

I felt that super profoundly. And everyone in my team and around me was just super accommodating to me to take that space.

and just, like, go into hibernation mode and spend time with loved ones."