50 Cent has commended Cardi B for epitomising the "American dream".

During an interview for Billboard published Thursday, the rapper - real name Curtis Jackson - reflected on the Bodak Yellow hitmaker's rise to international fame.

In particular, Jackson noted he was impressed by the way Cardi navigated the hip-hop scene and started a family with her husband Offset.

"When Cardi B came, I thought she was dope. She's from the bottom," he declared. "(Going) from that and actually making a hit record and turning into who she did? I don't know why anybody wouldn't like to see that. It felt like she got everything - married, the baby - it came really fast. That's the American dream right there."

Jackson also touched upon the past tension between Cardi and fellow superstar Nicki Minaj. The rivalry between the pair culminated in an attempted fight at a party in 2018 when the New York native threw a shoe at the Trinidad-born rapper.

"When her and Nicki clash, I go, 'Oh, s**t, it's going to be interesting to watch how it plays out.' Lyrically, I won't say anything competitively about the two of them, but I love Nicki. I don't have anything against Cardi," the 47-year-old noted. "I think anyone who comes now, she is going to check their temperature. Nicki is going to check if this b**ch is friendly or looking to take over the s**t."