Patti LaBelle has insisted she never had a feud with Diana Ross.

During an appearance on The Jennifer Hudson Show on Wednesday, the host invited the music icon to play a game of "LaBelle and Tell".

To start, Jennifer showed Patti a photo of her and The Supremes star embracing at an event.

In response, Patti shot down rumours suggesting the pair didn't get along.

"People think that we had something against each other, but we really never did," she explained. "It was just the way people perceived certain things. That's my doll, OK?"

Patti didn't comment further.

Elsewhere in the round, Jennifer pulled out a photo of Patti and Prince at a party. Accordingly, Patti had nothing but fond memories of the late singer.

"We had a lot of history. Prince had me at his studio and he had clothes made for me because he had that beautiful tailor in the basement of his recording studio, so they made me four outfits. He had me come to his house and cook a 12-course meal. He ate a biscuit," the 78-year-old recalled. "And then, after that, he took me to the club and we threw down. We had fun. He was so mysterious and awesome. Nobody knew what he was thinking."

Purple Rain hitmaker Prince died at the age of 57 in 2016.