Global superstar Leona Lewis has been unveiled as Vogue Arabia’s latest cover star, featuring a very special appearance from her daughter Carmel, pictured publicly for the first time. Alongside the stunning images, Leona sat down with the magazine to discuss becoming a mother, being patient with creativity and falling in love with music as child.

Last year, Leona Lewis’ iconic album ‘Spirit’ was revealed as the UK’s all time biggest selling debut album by a female, 15 years after release.

On becoming a mother:
“It’s one of the most rewarding yet challenging roles in life. I am in awe of us as women, of all the mothers out there – and myself included. I’m proud of where women are at today, carving out careers for themselves in music. But I feel like behind the scenes, it’s still very unfair, and there’s not a level playing field.”

On falling in love with music + giving back to her community as a Hackney Empire Patron:
“I think back to the little girl singing in her room, just singing her heart out, rehearsing and practicing, having these wild dreams of being a singer, and recording albums.”

“I didn’t know if it was possible, and those dreams became a reality. It’s something I’m so grateful for, because it never would have happened without the support of everyone around me, of all the fans that love the music.”

“I really want to shine a light on them and the incredibly talented children and teenagers and young adults that are in these areas in the city that are very underserved, but need that light shined on them because we have some of the truest, purest, rawest talents”.

On being patient with creativity and finding balance through meditation and Aryuveda:
“I don’t put music out just for the sake of it. Anything I do, it comes from a very deep place. It may take me a while to get there, and it may take time, but I think that’s when the most special things come to life because you’re putting that time into creating something so special, and that’s my process anyway, as an artist.”

“It’s a lot about your nutrition and balancing yourself physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Everything in my life is linked. Since I was a kid, I definitely have had a sensitivity towards the environment, towards animals.”