Raye was caught out recently on stage as she forgot the lyrics to one of her songs.

In a viral video posted on TikTok, the singer can be heard saying that she has forgotten to lyrics, with fans in the audience jokingly adding ‘we’ll Google it for you’.

She the pans to the audience to ask what her lyrics are supposed to be. Eventually, a fan searched up the lyrics and Raye got up off of her piano and looked at the phone to read it.

Raye then gets back to her piano and starts singing ‘clothes in the kitchen’, with a fan shouting ‘I will get that tattooed’. The video has been liked over 20,000 times and has been viewed over 118,000 times.

It comes after Raye released her debut album ‘21st Century Blues’ as an independent artist after cutting ties from record label Polydor. She also scored a number 1 with her hit ‘Escapism’ after blowing up on TikTok.