Carl Cox has "always been supported" by King Charles.

The 60-year-old DJ has enjoyed a long career in music and explained that although he never got the chance to meet the late Queen Elizabeth - who died in September at the age of 96 after a 70-year reign - but explained that his "whole career" has been helped by the now-monarch through his charity The Prince's Trust and is hoping to receive an MBE like his fellow 90s DJs Norman Jay and Pete Tong.

Asked if he ever got to meet Her Late Majesty, he said: "Unfortunately, no. But my whole career was basically supported by The Prince’s Trust. Prince Charles, as he was, helped young businesses start up and he helped me in 1984. I was due to meet him a couple of times and it never happened because I was always working. Both Norman Jay and Pete Tong have got MBEs so who knows if I’ll get one. There’ll be a connection with King Charles if I do."

Meanwhile, the 'I Want You' hitmaker returned to the charts for the first time in over a decade with 'Electronic Generations' and explained that he went "back to basics" with the record before "stepping out of his comfort zone" by taking to the stage at Wembley Arena.

He told Metro newspaper's SixtySeconds column: ", I didn’t want to make another studio-orientated album again. So I created and jammed all the music you hear on the album. It’s a live recording, basically. I just went back to basics over the pandemic and jammed the s*** out of it. I recorded an hour’s worth of just nuts. I was stepping way outside my comfort zone. Normally when someone plays at Wembley Arena you think of the Rolling Stones, Stevie Wonder or any of the greats. Carl Cox, black DJ from south London, played a lot of rave music. Huh?

"But it came about because I grew up with the rave scene. We wanted somewhere to dance past 2am and we had a late licence until 5am. There’s been no other event in London doing that for a while. I played Electronic Generations live. It was a magical."