Rita Ora didn't take any chances when it came to her engagement ring.

The Anywhere hitmaker started dating New Zealand-based director Taika Waititi in early 2021 and they secretly wed last year.

During an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday night, Rita offered up a glimpse of her engagement ring for the first time - with the design featuring a large emerald.

"It's my first time showing my ring. Because I love you (Jimmy) and I feel like you are part of our relationship because we watch you every night," she said, before asking, "Is that creepy? I just felt like I'd show you it. And I'll show you guys too."

After flashing her new bling to the audience, Rita insisted Oscar-winning filmmaker Taika "did good".

Yet, she also noted that she offered him a lot of "guidance" when it came to her new jewellery.

"I may have guided him in the right direction... I just think when you know what you want, and I felt that I really knew that I wanted to be with this person, I just wanted it to feel really right. So, I may have taken him to the shop and may have pointed out exactly what ring I wanted," the 32-year-old continued.

Elsewhere during the appearance, Rita confirmed she would be dropping her third studio album later this year.

"I'm so excited about this music because I feel like the journey it took me to get to this point, the past two years, my life has changed so drastically," she explained. "Making a decision to really spend the rest of your life with someone is kind of a big decision, you know? So, it got me writing again. I got inspired by love, even if it's cheesy... It's nice to capture the moment. This is more than just music, it's a moment in life for me."