Popstar Zara Larsson joined the KISS Breakfast show to talk about her new single ‘Can’t Tame Her’ now out, Zara said she was inspired by a track but couldn’t say what it was as her and her team might get sued!

Speaking on KISS Breakfast with Jordan and Perri yesterday (Wednesday 1st February), Jordan Banjo said that ‘Can’t Tame Her’ gave him and Perri Kiely “massive Blinding Lights by The Weeknd energy” and asked “was that an influence at all?”…

Zara replied “no it actually wasn’t [an inspiration]”, I can’t say what inspired us because we might get sued!”

The boys laughed and Zara clarified “it is inspired by a song but it’s definitely not Blinding Lights”

Zara couldn’t give any more information and said “let’s move on!”

Jordan joked “Zara’s lawyers are pounding on the doors right now like ‘get her out get her out!’”

There was a moment of hilarity and confusion as Jordan and Perri tried to explain to Swedish born Zara, what “Pinch Punch first day of the month” meant…who knew it was just a British thing?