KSI's third studio album is still taking shape.

The YouTuber, rapper, boxer, and Prime Hydration energy drinks co-owner has provided an update on the progress of 'Caught In Two Minds', which he admits he needs to spend time tweaking so he can "improve on a few things".

Speaking on Apple Music 1's 'The Rebecca Judd Show', he said of the follow-up to 2021's 'All Over the Place': "I have no idea at the moment if I'm being honest [what it looks like]. Yes [all the songs are done], but I still want to add to it. I feel like I can improve on a few things, so I definitely want to just do that. It's scary, isn't it? Putting your emotions out there into the world. And even with my previous song 'Summer Is Over', putting that into the world, I hardly promoted it. It was one of the things where I did it for me."

KSI also branded Oliver Tree a "troll" after he made a mockery of him on the set of the promo for their viral hit 'Voices'.

He said: "So he's a bit of a troll. So he said he hates working with me. He says that I'm the worst artist. I think there's a bit of truth in some of the stuff he says. He said, 'I've got more monthly followers than you and everything.' And I'm like, 'Okay, you need to calm down, mate.' But yeah, even when he was directing, he was just making me look like an idiot in the music video. Yeah. We have a back-and-forth, interesting relationship. He's a funny guy, but yeah, he's a bit of a troll."

Elsewhere, the 29-year-old star confessed to regretting releasing his 2016 song 'Friends with Benefits'.

He said: "I hate that song. I hate it so much. I hate it. When I released 'Friends with Benefits', at the time, I thought it was a sick song. And performing it was really easy, and I enjoyed it. And over time, it just has not aged well. I cringe every time people go, 'Oh, that's one of my favourite songs.' I'm there like..."

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