Justin Timberlake and Questlove are among the celebrities who have reacted to the news of Tyre Nichols's shocking death.

On Friday, police officials released body camera and surveillance footage showing five officers beating the 29-year-old during a traffic stop in Memphis, Tennessee on 7 January. Nichols died three days later.

In light of the footage, Justin took to Twitter to condemn police brutality in the U.S.

"I'm heartbroken and angry to see another family, another community hurting due to police brutality. I stand with my hometown and the people of Memphis as we demand justice and accountability. #JusticeforTyreNichols," he wrote.

In addition, the Memphis native posted some of Nichols's photographs on Instagram and noted that the images were a "reminder of who he was and how he lived... rather than how he was brutally taken from this community".

"My heart is with his family and my hometown as they heal," the singer-songwriter added.

Elsewhere, Questlove posted on Instagram, "For The Love Of God. Torture P*rn Is Not Going To Serve Your Soul. #TyreNichols."

While Ciara admitted that she "couldn't watch the full video because it hurt so much to see something like that" and described her heart as "crushed" from viewing a portion of it.

And Tyler Perry asserted that he will "get up" and "fight on" for justice.

"Many people can't imagine it happening to them because honestly, it never will," he commented in an emotional message. "I was determined to see what that space felt like for once, I would cover my ears and not let in the outside... So today I will cry, I will be depressed, I will curse, I will be outraged, I will want to burn some s**t up, I will be in agony, I will let my heart break for his family, I will moan with his tenor harmony from my own experience that is every Black man that's ever called for the safety of the arms of mamma, I will inaudibly scream."

Five officers have been arrested and charged with murder, among other charges, in relation to Nichols' death.