Zara Larsson managed to trick fans into thinking Mariah Carey was featured on her latest single.

The Swedish pop star has returned today (27.01.23) with the new track 'Can't Tame Her', and she pulled a prank on her social media followers by claiming the pop diva is on the track with production from Sir Elton John. Zara also told them her music video is co-directed by James Cameron and Quentin Tarantino and that Hollywood heartthrob Leonardo DiCaprio appears in the promo.

She told People: "A lot of Mariah's fans were like, 'Oh, we will be tuning in,' and they don't really know it's a joke. Their replies were like, 'Wow, girl, you are so lucky. That's amazing.'

"Hopefully they'll just be like, 'It was great anyways. I'll watch it again.'"

The track is Zara's first solo release since 2021's 'Poster Girl' LP, and she teased that the upcoming follow-up is "all over the place".

She explained: "I feel like we go a little bit all over the place, which is me.

"It has higher highs in terms of the energy than Poster Girl, but also lower lows, in the sense of the stillness, emotion and sadness. It's very dynamic."

Zara admitted that although she would love to have a hit with her new songs, she's not putting any pressure on herself.

She said: "I just think this next album is way better than 'Poster Girl', and that's how I want to keep evolving, to be way better and prove myself.

"I'm definitely always working towards a commercial hit, but I'm not beating myself up as much because I know that I'm really talented … It's just a matter of time before people realise that."

The 'Ain't My Fault' hitmaker, 25, is also planning a huge global tour.

She said: "I wanted to do an arena tour really badly here in Scandinavia, which I did.

"I want to perform my songs live in front of people, so it'll be incredible to take this album on a big tour."