Pet Shop Boys are to release their first new music for two years.

The 'Dreamland' duo - comprised of Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe - have confirmed they will drop a four-track EP titled 'Lost', to accompany the 2023 edition of their yearly-released book 'Annually'.

They wrote on Twitter: "Pet Shop Boys will be releasing their first new music for two years with the four-track CD EP, “Lost”, which accompanies the 2023 edition of Pet Shop Boys “Annually" book, available in April.

"The EP takes its title “Lost” from the first song, “The lost room”, but “it also seems to represent a sort of larger, philosophical or political point, where there've been times recently where the world feels a bit lost in terms of the direction it's going in. (sic)"

Both 'Lost' and the 2023 version of 'Annually' will drop on April 15th.

They tweeted: "The “Lost” CD EP and the 2023 edition of “Annually” will be released on April 15th and can be pre-ordered at the link below. (sic)"

In 2020, the pair credited their long career with "never" losing the "sense of playfulness" with their work.

Neil said at the time: "We have a lot of fun writing. There's a lot of laughter.

"We are quite lucky really. I know most people in music have much more difficult relationships than we do.

"It's not just like a job. It's more playful than that. All creativity is out of a sense of play.

"Chris and I have never lost that sense of playfulness."

Asked whether they have any creative differences, Neil insisted: "We can do what we want to do within Pet Shop Boys."