Sam Smith doesn't use dating apps.

During an interview with ET Canada, the British star - who is non-binary and uses the pronouns they/them - shared that they have given dating sites a whirl in the past but never had much luck.

The issues appear to stem from several dating platforms do not trust Sam Smith is who they claim to be.

"I never did Grindr. I did Tinder once, I think I got chucked off of Tinder. I got chucked off of Hinge because they thought that I wasn't me," explained Sam. "Well, I didn't verify my profile, so I should have done that."

And despite the Stay with Me hitmaker's international fame, they insisted that they always make time to pursue love.

"Yeah, I've always been able to date," the 30-year-old smiled.

Most recently, Sam was linked to fashion designer Christian Cowan.

Neither star has commented on the relationship rumours.

Sam is currently promoting their fourth studio album, Gloria, which is set to drop on 27 January.

Speaking of the album's title while on a recent episode of the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Smith explained, "It's a word that's meant a lot to me throughout my life. The Laura Branigan gay anthem, "Gloria," is something I've always heard in gay clubs. Then "Gloria" in school through singing hymns and stuff."

Sam continued, "But for me, "Gloria" is something that I've called a spirit inside of me that says to me: 'Keep going. You've got this. Carry on.' It's like a fighter spirit within me that I call Gloria."