Lizzo's documentary Love, Lizzo features childhood footage she wasn't even aware of.

The About Damn Time singer's new documentary mixes footage from 2019 onwards with never-before-seen clips from her childhood, which Lizzo didn't even know existed until her cousin unearthed it for the film.

"All of it was new to me. I have no baby footage or kid footage of myself," she explained to Variety. "Then my cousin recently was like, 'We got all this footage of you,' so we got a bunch of it for this doc."

Lizzo admitted it was emotional watching some of the home videos back because she got to hear the voice of her late father Michael, who died in 2009.

"Just being able to see myself as a kid, outside of photos, like actually moving and hearing my father's voice, which I haven't heard since he's passed. There's just a lot of incredible footage that I didn't have to share with the world, but I am," she shared.

Watching the finished product, the 34-year-old realised she hadn't changed that much despite her worldwide fame and successful career.

"I have a friend, Alexia, who you see a lot in the doc. I've known her since the third grade, and she's always like, 'Only thing that's changed about you is you stand up for us a little bit more, you're more confident, but you're the same,'" Lizzo stated. "I've always said it's really nice to have her in my life, a reminder that I am who I am. And now seeing that footage, I think takes it even further.

"I really haven't changed that much, and it's nice to actually have a visual representation of that. But I'm cuter now."

Love, Lizzo is now streaming via HBO Max in the U.S.