Jessica Chastain urged extras in one of her George & Tammy concert scenes to ignore Tammy Wynette's Run, Woman, Run lyrics.

The Oscar-winning actress plays the country singer alongside Michael Shannon as her famous musician husband George Jones in the new miniseries.

In one scene, Chastain had to perform Wynette's 1970 standard Run, Woman, Run onstage in front of a crowd of young extras. Before shooting the scene, she warned them not to take any notice of the outdated lyrics.

"I looked out at all these sweet, young faces staring up at me and said, 'Girls: I do not want you to listen to the lyrics of this song. Please. I love Tammy, but she did not believe this. She was married five times, so do not take any of this as gospel,'" she recalled telling the crowd in an interview with The Guardian.

In Run, Woman, Run, Wynette sings, "Go back to him and fix things up the very best you can," and "You may not find, True love again, So go home while you still can, And find a way to work it out, With your man."

Chastain admitted to the publication that the lyrics personally offended her and are a tough sell for a modern audience.

Summing up the song, the 45-year-old added, "Basically, you're not going to find someone else, so go back to your man."

George & Tammy was released in December.