The Big Pink's frontman Robbie Furze had a love/hate relationship with their biggest hit 'Dominos'.

The 2009 indie track - which was sampled on Nicki Minaj's track 'Girls Fall Like Dominoes' - is a fan-favourite and the band would never do their fans a disservice by not including it in their setlist, but the singer admits he's "matured" since then and it's not where he is "musically" now.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz, Robbie said: "There was such a part of my life where I had a love/hate for that song but you know, without 'Dominos', I wouldn't still be a musician. So there's a big part of me which I owe a lot to that song. Musically, I don't think I'm really there anymore because I feel like I have matured a lot since 'Dominos'. But you know, it's still a great song. Some people still love it. I don't think it's actually aged at all in 10 years. I think that's a real testament to an original sounding song. I went through a stage of hating it because you know, it was a song where people only knew us for 'Dominos' and I was like, 'Well what about all the other songs that we did?' And everyone would be like, 'Just play 'Dominos'. But you can’t not love your hit. You’ve got to respect."

It was suggested that the band try and create a viral TikTok for the song, but Robbie isn't interested.

He said: "Someone was trying to say that a couple of years ago. To film girls falling into a pool or something.

We're a generation that doesn’t particularly understand TikTok, and when we first started Instagram didn't even exist. Can we not just go on tour?"

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