Noel Gallagher joined Dave Berry on the Absolute Radio Breakfast this morning (Tuesday 17th January) to speak about his new album ‘Council Skies’ and whilst on the show weighed in on the recent debate about ‘Nepo babies’ i.e the children who supposedly get a leg up in their industry thanks to a famous parent(s).

Sharing his view on it, Noel said “It depends which way you look at it. My daughter she follows me around with a camera and she films me and all that. She did a film about the making of the album. I guess you want to keep things close to home, but they have to be good at what they do. She’s good at what she does. She’s not just wondering around pointing a camera going ‘muhh there’s my dad’, she is great. It’s not the worst thing in the world if you get your kids working for you, they’re cheap, do you know what I mean?... my lads are too busy scratching their balls and scouring TikTok for nonsense to worry about dad can I be your bass player or anything like that.”

He did say that one of his sons has recently taken up the guitar, but he doesn’t plan to offer him any lessons, “I’ve never had a musical lesson. One of my lads is learning how to play the guitar, I’m thinking should I teach him? And then he’s like ‘dad can you teach me how to play guitar’, and I’m like well no. Not like I don’t want to, it’s just I just picked it up and there it was…I’ve never been taught so I don’t know if I could teach anybody, it’s all by feel for me.”

Noel told Dave about the time his son once googled his net worth, “My youngest lad said to me one day, he was asking for some stuff off Fortnite and I was like how much is it and he’s like its £25.99 and I was like ‘come on mate that’s a lot of money’, but he went but ‘you’re loaded!’, I was like ‘how do you know?!’. He said ‘because I’ve just googled your net wealth’. He was about ten at the time and I went give me that iPad. And I went, for a start it’s a lot more than that.”

Dave asked Noel about his visit to Parliament in the 90’s to which he revealed “Somebody reminded me years later, I can’t remember if this is true or not, but somebody said do you remember you turned up with a sharpie? I was like what? and they said you were going to draw a stache on Thatcher’s portrait…I was like it’s the kind of thing I’d do but I have no recollection of it.”

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