Billie Eilish is a Supergrass fan, according to frontman Gaz Coombes.

The reunited Britpop group played The Other Stage at the world-famous Glastonbury festival last summer, and Gaz has revealed the US pop megastar was side of stage singing along to their song 'Sun Hits The Sky'.

Gaz told NME: “I didn’t see her but I heard she was singing along to ‘Sun Hits The Sky’ on our little viewing gantry [on The Other Stage] which was kind of cool.

“I’ve got huge respect for her. I think what she does is great and how she does it is cool. They’re an interesting writing team, Eilish and her brother [Finneas] as well.”

The 'Moving' rockers - completed by Danny Goffey, Mick Quinn and Rob Coombes - have a long history with the Worthy Farm extravaganza, having first played in 1995, and Gaz says it helped "shaped our band in many ways".

He added: "Glastonbury was a real moment for us, just to play there again on The Other Stage.

"We always had a bit of a love affair with Glastonbury from our earliest performance in ’95. That shaped our band in many ways, that early performance. I just remember being quite excitable but kind of nervous and young at the time. It was that combination of s******* my pants but having this excitement that needed to be released, which are always good ingredients for a live performance.”