In The Ultimate Take That Song on Radio 2 (Sunday 1st January 2023, 1-3pm), Never Forget is revealed as Radio 2 listeners’ favourite Take That song following an online vote. In the live show hosted by Cat Deeley, Back For Good was announced as the runner-up in second place, Rule the World in third place, with Shine in fourth, and Greatest Day in fifth place.

From Wednesday 23rd November, listeners were asked to vote for up to three of their favourite songs taken from Take That’s Top 75 UK chart singles. Voting closed on Wednesday 14th December. The results were compiled for this special show –– with Cat counting down the Top 30 in a pop-filled programme which also features the band in new and archive interviews, plus fans talking about their favourite Take That songs. The programme will also be available on BBC Sounds for 30 days from 3pm (Sunday 1st January).

Cat Deeley says: “What a marvellous result! Never Forget is one of my all-time favourite Take That tunes so I’m especially thrilled to be announcing it as the winner of Radio 2’s listener vote in The Ultimate Take That Song. And what better way to ring in 2023 than by revisiting Take That’s best loved music? It’s a glorious start to the year.”

In the programme, Mark Owen says: “Never Forget would be up there on my list. It’s the arms, it’s the story of the band, it’s always such a special moment when you see it with a crowd because everyone can join in and be a part of it. Howard sings beautifully on this, he does an amazing vocal on it. It just all came together and it was one of the only times where we all sang a line each… it’s a majestic song and beautiful, from the boys choir from the start to the full gospel choir at the end. Never Forget is a journey, it is within the song and it has been for us in our lifetimes.”

In the programme, Gary Barlow says: “[Never Forget] wasn’t born with this huge chorus the way it sounded on the single. Even the demo was quite laidback and it wasn’t until it went to Jim Steinman’s studio in New York that it started to get the drama of something that would end a concert. When it came back from him, I thought, ‘Well, there’s the encore right there’. I could see everyone in the audience singing this song… Within a couple of nights the crowd had got the hang of putting their arms in the air every time you sing a ‘Never’. That is pretty much how we perform it to this day. I don’t believe we’ve ever dared leave it out of a set list once. Why would you? It’s always a real pleasure to perform this song. I’m so glad that people, after all these years, still hold it so close to their hearts, so thank you everyone.”

Jeff Smith, Head of Music, Radio 2 and 6 Music, says: “Take That are one of Radio 2 listeners’ favourite bands, so we’re delighted to treat them to a New Year’s Day sing-along featuring hours of Take That classics, as well as interviews with the band.”

The Top 30, as voted by Radio 2 listeners:

Never Forget (Aug, 1995)
Back For Good (Apr, 1995)
Rule The World (Oct, 2007)
Shine (Feb, 2007)
Greatest Day (Dec, 2008)
A Million Love Songs (Oct, 1992)
Patience (Nov, 2006)
Pray (Jul, 1993)
The Flood (Nov, 2010)
Relight My Fire featuring Lulu (Oct, 1993)
Could It Be Magic (Dec, 1992)
Everything Changes (Apr, 1994)
It Only Takes A Minute (Jun, 1992)
Babe (Dec, 1993)
Said It All (Jun, 2009)
These Days (Dec, 2014)
How Deep Is Your Love (Mar, 1996)
Cry - Sigma feat. Take That (Jun, 2016)
Love Ain't Here Anymore (Jul, 1994)
Why Can't I Wake Up With You (Feb, 1993)
Giants (Mar, 2017)
Sure (Oct, 1994)
Kidz (Feb, 2011)
Up All Night (Feb 2009)
I Found Heaven (Aug, 1992)
I'd Wait For Life (Jun, 2007)
Love Love (May, 2011)
Once You've Tasted Love (Feb, 1992)
Promises (Nov, 1991)
Happy Now (Mar, 2011)