Music legend Dionne Warwick has threatened to quit Twitter unless its new owner Elon Musk meets with her and explains what his plans are for the platform.

The Walk On By singer, 82, has more than 610,000 followers on Twitter, where she has won lots of new fans due to the outspokenness and quick wit in her tweets.

However, Musk's erratic behaviour and policies since buying Twitter in October have left her concerned about its future, and she has revealed that unless he meets her and explains what it's all about, she may join the likes of Elton John in leaving.

"I'm going to find out what Mr. Musk has in mind," she told the Los Angeles Times. "I'm hoping to have a meeting with him. I want to ask him, 'Where's your head? Where are you going with this?' Lots of people have jumped off, and I want to find out what he's thinking before I decide to stay on. Or leave."

Asked about her concerns, she said: "Inviting everybody who was crazy to come on back, the disregard for what social media is all about."

Warwick appears to be referring to Musk's decision to reinstate numerous accounts that had been kicked off Twitter. Those no longer banned include former U.S. President Donald Trump, the neo-Nazi Andrew Anglin, and British far-right figure Tommy Robinson.

Despite her misgivings, Warwick shared that she would welcome the chance to talk things through with Musk, who has seen tens of billions of dollars wiped off his fortune since buying Twitter.

"It depends on what Mr. Musk says," she added. "I don't jump to conclusions."

Warwick revealed she previously spoke to former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and he had "actually thanked me for getting on Twitter as a grown-up who showed a little bit of sense, and how I actually turned it all around so that the kids were not constantly bashing each other or cursing and all that craziness."